New Employees Joined: July 4th

There were two Business Development people who had joined lately and one of them was told to join us in the field work. Likewise, the other one joined another team.

Firstly, we went to a client’s call. Then continued on Daba Road only. The response there didn’t come out to be as good as the previous day. People suddenly became very resistive to even talk to us. If not that, there were no requirements they told. We even went from Gill Road side upto Sherpur side on Daba Road only.

That was a day when we considered we had worked the most till date and that too without having our lunch.

Only this much input: July 3rd

After going to meetings in the first half, we were on Daba Road and had met some potential clients only when it started raining.

Three of them wanted to have another meeting with the seniors as per their necessity. They all seemed positive but later on only one conversion was there.

New month, New start, New results: July 1st

The meetings fixed on Saturday didn’t happen as planned. But why to wait for tomorrow if newly sourced people are ready to proceed for their needs? And the same we did. Small accomplishments are important! There also was an impression to close such cases readily in order to hit the target. Given more waiting time might lead to even more waiting time 😂

But there’s a change. From this day onwards, smaller products are counted as half. Which means doing two such closures will be counted as one only.

Staying near to office: 29th June

It was a good and positive day. We stayed near to office and fixed three meetings for the next week by filtering out client needs. They were working both in manufacturing and servicing. In between, we also closed a deal which was in follow up from last week. The best part was only I and Komal went for it (without any seniors).

We also decided if someone was ready to process the same day, we’ll close it then and there. Although such a thing didn’t happen, it will be done. Moreover, there was a plan of follow ups for the coming week.

27th June: Second Conversion!

Two very keen people met this day. One of them closed the deal just in the second meet making our second conversion. But before reaching there, was an experience on the poor conditioned roads of Dhandari.

I and Komal were on a two-wheeler. And you know how does it feel to have your feet accidentally being in the dirty stagnated water? That too when you’re on the way to an important meeting? Yes, that happened and even if I felt like going back home, I tolerated it. So, being out in scorching heat or riding on the roads submerged in knee-deep rainwater or having such accidents is really normal 😉

25th June: First conversion!

The place I’m living in is surrounded by manufacturing and service industries and maximum of them deal in Hosiery, Cycles, Cycle Parts, Auto Parts & Tractor Parts. Wherever we go, people are linked with these products.

That day we visited AICTTA Market. The units around this place were large and the condition of roads was very poor. Commercial vehicles passed from those roads very frequently.

We happened to meet limited people there as many of the owners were not present. But then happened our first conversion from the previous follow-ups. A person filed the case under the Delayed Payment Act, to recover his payment that was stuck in the market.

That’s all about that day.


Yet another place: 24th June

As we changed the area on Saturday, today also we visited elsewhere. It was nearby Moti Nagar. There also are hundreds of manufacturing units already running. We could visit only about ten of them by the time there was a meeting in Nehru Vihar and we went there.

Another thing that happened today was the team meeting held by Mr Amit. He asked to generate more revenue this week as that’s what they desire from us. We are focusing more on conversion and meetings.