Wednesday: 19th June

We’re being habitual of being out in the sun. Keeping the location tracker on, stopping and starting wherever, finding a new place to have lunch, doing silly mistakes while on work and having funny moments around strangers is a daily thing.

Today there were four meetings and we also joined in three. So the sourcing time got reduced. But we hope for our first conversion to happen within a day or two.


Tuesday: 18th June

By clarifying the purpose and benefits for a particular unit, we are accessing the needs at step one. When we’re able to help the person figure out their requirements, that’s when we ask for the time available in the coming days. Two cases were forwarded in this way and one of them will be followed up for their Delayed Payments.

Another thing happened today is we had taken time last week from 6 firms for June 18th but we had forgotten. When we found it out (while entering new data on the sheet), it was too late. Isn’t it better to not to have too much time in between?

Will try to take time for the very next day and have a timely follow-up. Moreover, without a valid reason, if someone needs so much time, it clearly means either we couldn’t tell them in the right way or he’s just beating around the bushes.

Monday: 17th June

There were many planned meetings for this day but all of them got postponed for both the teams. Our weekly target is to source 50 units in a week. It is achievable but for conversions further, we got to access the needs better.

Earlier we were just telling if the person wanted more information then we plan for a further meetup. But the actual thing is to forward the case only if there’s a genuine need for any service.


Field work goes on

First week in the field has ended yesterday. Had been a good one in terms of Data Collection and Meetings.

Throughout the internship, there will be feedbacks taken from students about the company and by the college advisor from the company. First round has been done.

Apart from this, we also joined a client meeting where detailed discussion was done by Mr Sumit. Further will be follow up for closing the deal.

Now prepared for the new week, new meetings and revised targets 😉

Another phase: Meetings

As we move in the market, we collect relevant data from MSME units and fix meetings wherever in depth knowledge or discussion is required by customer. In first couple of days, there were no final meetings but we figured out that we were giving too much information in first step only which wasn’t required that time.

Now we keep the first talk short and crisp and focus on finalizing the next meet for further discussion.

Doing this, we’ve got two meetings done today, two are lined up for tomorrow and seven others lined up for the coming week.


Into the field – Day three

I decided to use location tracker to actually see how we’re doing it. It was really helpful to decide where to go, how much area is already covered and how much more we need to do. Google Maps also gives us the smiliar thing in timeline but it didn’t show the exact locations. It wasn’t helpful or accurate.

Another thing we changed today was using the vehicle more rather than walking wherever possible and also we were wearing our caps to keep the hot rays off our head than letting the sun directly blast us.

Doing this we could spend one more hour before we got exhausted. And hence reached out to more people. There were some changes in the way we were interacting also. We skipped explaining everything in detail by arranging a further meeting wherever there was the need.

Overall, it was a more productive and energetic day!

Into the field – Day two

We discussed the queries that we faced and again went for marketing campaign. The experiences are sweet and sour.

There are manufacturing and servicing units which don’t even know about the rights and benefits that they can have as a small scale industry. Our job is to make them aware and coordinate with them to avail that benefit.

We went to Sunder nagar again Industrial Area A.