Time to present

Gurvinder shared his trouble about headers in binary files and if one should use them or not? It was completely the case that happens in Front end development when one has to write CSS compatible with different browsers in order to make it work just anywhere. So the same was here. Headers in a binary are used by the system which reads them and makes it sure that the elements in it are interpreted correctly.

I just completed an easy to understand article on encryption:


With all that I’ve done in Kirt, now taking a pause and preparing to present it before moving further.



Command line

The day started with checking logs at server. I don’t understand them much but there were a lot of wrong password attempts and that user doesn’t exist. Then tried changing permissions of my directories, created a mess and ultimately reached at 775 permissions which is the default for any folder -_-

Found an old Linux file at our home. From there, tried “wall” command which broadcasts messages to other online users on the same machine in their terminal 😀

Then was the time to import contacts from a nokia phone which creates backup file with extension .nbf to android which accepts .vcf files. Ubuntu didn’t support the file format but in windows, it was done in minutes.


The Wednesday

That day, I updated the URLs to dynamic. Looked for the problem Balpreet was facing in front end. She was using a graph which wasn’t shown at the place it was to be added. In fact, there was no idea about how a number of HTML files included in C++ were rendered on single page. I wonder if it was even needed to include separate files to render the only page?!


A beautiful day!

The day started being a SysAdmin which is a responsible undertaking in itself. Actually I was deploying Kirt on Devplace server and the URL problem was extended because of using static URLs. I’ve almost created a mess by changing them and committing the changes. They should not be static in any case. So I had sudo access and keeping it with me, I’d to keep a check on the disk space used by every user. Did it using:

$ sudo du -shc /home/*

There’s actually a lot more to be a good SysAdmin and it’s my first experience ever. There existed a user directory whose user didn’t exist on the system and that directory was no longer needed. Removed it and fortunately I tried locating it right then. The directory was removed, it was not shown doing “$ ls” but it’s path was shown on locating it. WHY? Because “locate” wasn’t aware that the directory didn’t exist anymore 😛

Firstly, I thought it was due to the other files of that user which were not deleted while deleting the user but then found that locate uses a database called ‘locatedb‘ and it’s normally updated by system cron jobs. But at that time the database was not updated and only that was the reason for locating it. Found the reason in description of “$ man locate”  and then the solution to update it’s database right then:

$ sudo updatedb

Many might already be knowing but I experienced it today only. And likewise, it will not show the newly created file/directory.

I was feared if I had done Kirt properly? Was it really useful? Did I do anything wrong? I showed it to the person whom it actually belongs. When he logged in… I was looking at his activities and he stopped at the very first page: “Add worker”. No other link was clicked for a moment. I held my breath untill I got a screen shot from there. Actually there was IE and currently it’s tested only on Firefox and Chrome. So there was problem in margins and I told to proceed on another browser. He tried adding workers, their details, checked it all and said,” Very nice! Kirt is a very good effort from your side.” And it made my day 😀

I’m told to add a feature for “Worker promotions” which they need. He asked about it’s installation, working without internet  and the database storage.

I must say,”Better late than never!” 🙂


Silly mistakes

Because at my localhost, I had used the base URL as “/”, all the other URLs also started from a “/” and the equipment was all set. I had specified them in urls.py as url(r’^addworker/’,’src.views.addworker’), for example.  And it was referred using “/addworker/”

It was the time to make it working on a base url “/kirt” on the server and I first tried using /kirt, it pointed to a URL but it was not found. I tried using only “/” as on runserver it was the base URL. Nothing happened. Not even the server’s IP pointed anywhere. Tried changing to “kirt/addworker” but no! it pointed to another url “kirt/kirt/addworker/”. What was it happening? I just went to the little baby at our home.

Coming back, I had messages from Kamal and Scott telling that they were unable to access their websites as it opened Kirt. Crap! Kirt was running on base URL “/”.

It was actually working, I could access it by altering the URL myself. So the defect was in the URL pattern that I was referring i.e. “/addworker/”. There was an extra “/” in the beginning but it was working at my system because there the root url was also “/” and I was referring a complete pattern. Phew!

Beware of setting up all the paths carefully lest it may take your another day!


Today, Albert and I were thinking about what’s next in the website and found that we don’t know the hierarchy of the content to be added.

I’m deploying the project on production and the static files are not being loaded yet and need to change the URLs which start from “/”. The project doesn’t look good working directly on default server page. Also the default Django settings, for local and for production servers should be kept separate. Because we need to change them accordingly. Looking into both the issues.

And there comes design in eBooks as well \m/ I like these beauty tips and found that creating ebooks is interesting but not at all easy.



The day I stay at home automatically becomes a guest day and there will be guest appearances the whole day, one after the other! :s

Sir had to do a git pull every time we changed something and I got to know about crontab after we were asked for it. Crontab is something really simple, powerful and amazing. I was surprised to know that such a thing was just a command away and that to be customized the way we want. And we can make computers work for us automatically when we are away.

It typically automates system maintenance and the name cron comes from the Greek word for time. Cron is driven by a crontab (cron table) file, a configuration file that specifies shell commands to run periodically on a given schedule.

TCC website

I wanted to work from home and TCC website was to be up within two days with proper content and help for the visitor. For the content there was not much work. Had to first decide and remove what was not required, add relevant pages and renew the home page.

For contact form, I simply used brace forms. Firstly I tried on simple HTML but it needed to run from server. Then tried it in Django templates and it was working. So also worked in php (y) Altered the down arrows and text alignments. Oh, I was improving TCC website 😀 Problem came while adding services and hover effects and Deepak helped there. We mostly just try different colors and fonts. Changing colors we really get to know what effect did the previous color had.

I was about to ask for opacity thing but it was done just before I was going to post the mail as I found that I myself had defined some opacity -_-

Initially, there was no idea about what all was to be done. Then Sawan helped in categorizing and we tried some background pics but of no use. Then Started slowly by first fixing the first page which was mainly required and then step by step. Then I got some dose from home for sleeping  late night and getting up late 😛

I hope everyone likes our work and this site remain working and improving.

The anticipator!

My sister is good at completing things beforehand. She had to prepare a report and I was to help her in the formatting. She gave me the content and I had to complete it two days before the viva. And I completed it in time because of her 😛

I’m not much experienced with LaTeX. A problem that I faced was the default spacing for chapter name which looked more than required and I just changed the font size. Another problem was to exclude the Bibliography from TOC which didn’t happen when I tried using \chapter*{} but worked when Kamal tried :S

Their teacher told them to pay some money and get the reports printed from some shop and sadly many students pay them for using M$ Word :/



Revision 2

Removed the only two errors that were detected. The one whose reason was unknown was thrown on pressing enter in dialog box. Initially it looked like the search form was being posted on pressing enter. But no, only the form in the dialog box was being posted on pressing enter which was not even required. The other error was there on opening particulars and was because there were insufficient values for the calculations to be done.

Assisted Amrit in using JS, Bootstrap and popup. Another thing added is the progress bar when the page/popup is being loaded and yes, I’m loving the responsiveness of login page, now. And I can still notice what else can be improved -_- Yes, and I’m going to sleep only after I’m satisfied. And here is the list:

  • After deleting a worker, redirect to main page
  • Improve validations on input in Dialog box
  • Remove unnecessary alerts
  • Change the headings
  • Improve logout page
  • Improve input fields in Login page
  • Alter the page titles